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From heavy equipment, medical supplies and industrial materials, our dedicated and experienced team of logistics coordinators are well versed in specialized shipments.

Our extensive fleet of carriers gives us the means to easily cater to any product in need of a specific mode of transportation, security measures and needing to be delivered within a limited time frame. Globetrotter will always provide the quickest low-cost route for you.

Dependability is the name of the game

By utilizing our technology ecosystem and our extensive shipping knowledge, Globetrotter Transportation Inc. is always ready to cater to all of your specialized shipping requirements. If you bring it to us, we will ship it.

All Types of Goods

Shipping made easy for any industry

Food & Beverage
We know time and temperature are always a factor in shipping perishable goods. That’s why we only use the best reefer trucks available in the industry.
Industrial Goods
Globetrotter Transportation can easily ship large industrial equipment across North America using our carriers extensive fleet of flatbed trucks.
Paper and Packaging
With our extensive fleet of carriers, we can easily ship paper and packaging orders, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

At Globetrotter Transportation Inc., we have years of experience successfully shipping a vast array of products for a variety of industries
all over Canada, Mexico and the United States.

From produce, industrial materials, packaging, textiles, to medical supplies, we understand the intricacies and varying needs that go into shipping material for different industries.