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Intermodal Shipping

Sea & Rail transportation

A Sure method of Delivery

When you choose Globetrotter Transportation’s intermodal shipping services, you combine convenient truck pick-up and delivery with cost-effective, reliable rail transportation.

It’s your best option when you need many products reliably shipped over vast distances in a short period of time.

Door Direct Service

We provide you with the economies of rail service for the long-haul and the flexibility of truck service for the pickup and delivery in one complete service package. Included are the following:
  • Delivery & pick-up of the shipment/equipment
  • Use of standard container and chassis for loading and unloading
  • Direct shipment transfer from truck/chassis to railcar terminal

Terminal Direct

Whether in a rail-owned intermodal container or your own private container, we provide reliable and efficient ramp-to-ramp service for terminal direct intermodal shipping services:
  • One in-gate or out-gate at the te​rminal, per trailer/chassis
  • Direct shipment transfer between trailer/chassis and railcar ​
  • Excellent service and a time guarantee on deliveries across country