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Globetrotter uses cutting edge tech

What sets Globetrotter Transportation Inc. apart from other logistics brokers is the extensive research, testing and investment that we put into the best shipping technologies available on the market. We can guarantee that you’ll get exemplary service with every delivery we make in Canada and the USA.

The most important commodity in the trucking industry is time. We know how time-sensitive shipping product can be for all parties involved which is why we invested in the technology that makes our operations run efficiently. Keep reading to find out more about the technology we use.

Carrier Risk Management


To help monitor carrier risk management effectively and efficiently, we have incorporated SaferWatch™ into our operations. This software eliminates the time wasted on back-and-forth phone calls and paperwork when assessing
risk while booking loads for clients.

SaferWatch provides us with the freshest set of carrier data in the industry instantly, cutting down on costs and time for us while providing customers
with more accountability and security.

Secure Payments

Sevenoaks capital Associates

With so many brokers out there, it’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to shipping your goods. You’ve heard the stories of people not being paid, brokers not returning calls or any correspondence, and the nasty legal ramifications that come from these poor business practices.

This is why we have chosen SevenOaks Capital Associates to ensure that all parties involved with shipments brokered through us are paid securely, accurately and on time. We instill the confidence in our clients that they made the right choice in a logistics brokerage by going with Globetrotter Transportation Inc.

Freight Management

Live GPS Tracking

With multiple information sources, Globetrotter has access to more than 50,000 trusted carriers around North America. With the most accurate load boards in the industry and backed with an abundance of resources and insights to make shipments move as efficiently as possible, you can count on us to always use the best of the best when moving your product around North America.